Overcoming The Myth of Self-Worth:
Reason and Fallacy in What You Say to Yourself
by Richard L. Franklin
Overcoming The Myth of Self-Worth
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"Enlightenment through

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Richard L. Franklin, a cognitive psychologist, spent a number of years teaching rational thinking in the Humanities Program of the University of Minnesota. Following that he happened to meet Albert Ellis and had lunch with him. Dr. Ellis was impressed by how much of Richard's teaching overlapped with rational psychotherapy and suggested that Richard apply for a position at the Rational Life Center in Minneapolis. Franklin soon ended up at the center heading a weekly psychotherapy group entitled Rational Monday. Years later, Franklin moved to San Diego and where he conducted private group sessions and taught rational self counseling.

It was while living there that he eventually wrote the manuscript for Overcoming The Myth of Self-Worth, for which Dr. Ellis later wrote the introduction. Following on the heels of the endorsement by Dr. Ellis, the late Dr. Carl Sagan was so inspired by a heuristic chapter of Franklin's book, he based chapter ten of his "The Demon Haunted World" on Franklin's unusual chapter eight. The great English philosopher Antony Flew would later wrote a personal letter to Franklin enthusiastically praising his book. And so on.

When the first edition of "Overcoming the Myth of Self Worth" was sold out, used copies skyrocketed in price with like-new copies fetching $200 and sometimes even more. This inspired Franklin to write and publish a new, enhanced edition of the original book. It is this book that is offered for sale at this website.

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